Wayne State staff member honored with Spirit of Detroit Award

December 7, 2017

During the week, Rochelle White works as an event specialist at Wayne State University. On the weekends, she preaches at New Beginnings Bible Church. In her free time, she’s executive director for the growing nonprofit organization New Beginnings Life Center. She does all of this while also pursuing a bachelor’s in psychology with a minor in religious studies from Wayne State. She plans to graduate in 2018.

With a resume as impressive as hers, it’s no surprise that White (pictured, left) was chosen to receive a Spirit of Detroit Award this year.

“I definitely get tired when I think about my busy schedule, but everything I do is important,” said White, who has worked for Wayne State since 2002. “I’m laid back and just want to do things to help other people.”

White received the award for her impressive community outreach efforts. New Beginnings Bible Church, which she founded in 2010, offers food drives, youth mentoring, peace walks and after-school programs to the Detroit community.

White has worked for the New Beginnings Life Center since 2013. As executive director, she plans fundraising efforts and communication strategies and works with volunteers and alumni.

“It’s nice to have a thank you for the things that you do," she said. "It’s good to be recognized, but to me this award is acknowledgement of some of the things I have done and my goal is to continue to do the hard work, whether or not I am ever recognized. My heart and goal is to better the community."

White hopes to combine her passion for community outreach with her career at the university. She would love to achieve 150 hours of community service in 2018, in honor of Wayne State’s 150th anniversary.