Higher Learning Commission to visit Wayne State March 6, 7

March 3, 2017

As part of their ongoing accreditation evaluation, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) will visit Wayne State University’s campus March 6 and 7.

Wayne State has been continuously accredited by the HLC, the federally recognized accrediting agency responsible for reviewing and evaluating all Michigan universities, for more than a century. The HLC’s current evaluation is being conducted to reaffirm the university’s long-standing accreditation.

During their visit, the HLC Peer Review Team will explore the quality of Wayne State’s programs and support systems and their effectiveness in relation to the university’s mission and current strategic plan, Distinctively Wayne State University. Faculty, staff and students can help by knowing the university’s mission: to create and advance knowledge, prepare a diverse student body to thrive, and positively impact local and global communities.

“In many ways, the mission and the strategic plan outline what we’re doing day in and day out on campus. They speak to everything we do,” said Hilary Ratner, research professor with the Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute and co-chair of the HLC 2017 Steering Committee. “Knowing and understanding them, though, is absolutely crucial to the accreditation process.”

In addition to the mission and strategic plan, the HLC’s comprehensive and continuing review process takes many factors into consideration, including the quality of a university’s educational programs and support services, its commitment to continuous improvement, the efficiency and effectiveness of its processes and structures, and its ability to plan for the future.

“Accreditation exists to hold all universities accountable,” said Sandra Yee, dean of the Wayne State University Library System and co-chair of WSU’s HLC 2017 Steering Committee. “It assures both the government and the public that we’re holding up our end of the bargain. The HLC makes sure we’re providing a quality education to our students and that we do so consistently, fairly and with transparency.”

Learn more about the criteria, as well as talking points from Wayne State's Assurance Argument in support of reaffirmation.

Visit or contact the HLC 2017 Steering Committee for detailed information about  HLC and the accreditation process.