Alumnus credits Mike Ilitch School of Business for his entrepreneurial mindset

January 30, 2017

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Peter Atovski is a Mike Ilitch School of Business alumnus. He is also an entrepreneur, having launched his company, Start Talent Acquisition, with two partners while he was still a student.

Start Talent Acquisition is a staffing and recruiting agency that connects talented job seekers to organizations that need them. According to its website, the company also offers comprehensive sales training, resume building and presentation training.

Atovski was inspired by an Ilitch School summer class, Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, taught by Professor Mai Datta.

“The class really opened my eyes to business startups after seeing them firsthand,” he said. “We met individuals who took the knowledge and experience they had and created a business out of it.”

Atovski, who also holds an associate degree in business administration and management from Schoolcraft College, said the class was the most influential and entertaining he had ever taken, and it helped him understand what he wanted to do after college.

“After the class, I met up with two other people who shared the same vision as myself, and we all came together to start a business,” he said.

He said Start Talent Acquisition focuses on bringing together people who want to find a career and companies who want to find their best candidates.

“We want to help people find the right job and help organizations find the right employees,” he said.

Atovski’s Ilitch School experience paved the way for his entrepreneurial mindset. While many of his Ilitch School classes helped him understand how a business should operate financially, he said Entrepreneurship Ecosystem taught him “a whole different way of applying finance.”

“If you are a finance student and have not taken that class, you are missing out big time,” he said.