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WSU intersection innovation expert explains "super circle" concept

August 13, 2013

Wayne State Professor and Chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering Joe Hummer, noted as one of the world's top experts on intersection innovation, was interviewed about the concept of the "super circle," which involves adding one stop light to a roundabout to control the number of vehicles entering during rush hours. Super circles are big in Australia, but Maryland and Florida are the only locales in the U.S. that have any, Hummer said. Raleigh-area planners asked Hummer to examine the idea there. "We didn't think a roundabout was possible, and now it will be," he said. "There's really lots of those (intersections) out there - one-lane streets or two-lane streets, the moderate volume." Hummer acknowledged that American drivers generally haven't adapted to roundabouts, but he said he expects that will change as more drivers get used to them.