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Washtenaw CC offers more transfer credits for Wayne State biz degree

February 1, 2016

Washtenaw Community College (WCC) has cut a deal with the Wayne State University Mike Ilitch School of Business that maximizes the value of some associate degrees from WCC for students earning a business degrees at WSU. Typically Wayne State accepts 64 transfer credits, but this agreement expands that limit for business students from WCC, who can cover most WSU general education and business foundation requirements, as well as electives, with credits transferred from eligible community college classes. Students who take full advantage of the program will be required to earn just 40 credits at Wayne State — predominantly core major requirements — to complete a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Majors are available in accounting, finance, information systems management, global supply chain management, management and marketing. “We’re thrilled that this partnership has come together,” said Linda Zaddach, assistant dean of student services in the Ilitch School. “It’s a great opportunity for WCC students to boost their credentials quickly and easily at Wayne State.” To streamline the transfer process and increase accessibility, Wayne State has developed similar partnerships with other two-year institutions in recent years. “We’ve launched a concerted effort to make it cost-effective and efficient for community college students to obtain a bachelor’s degree at Wayne State,” said Doug Freed, director of the university’s Transfer Student Success Center.