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U-M, WSU launch ‘Detroiters Speak’ collaborative community course

February 10, 2016

WDET’s Jerome Vaughn spoke with Peter Hammer, director of Wayne State’s Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights, about “Detroiters Speak,” a free, eight-week collaborative community course held in McCallister Hall at the Cass Corridor Commons. The program, launched by Wayne State University and the University of Michigan, is open to the public, and participants can attend as many of the eight sessions as they wish. “Detroiters Speak” is a unique classroom environment for every kind of student – young and old, from high school to graduate school, from community experts to university experts. The course will focus on the historical (how did we get here?) and the contemporary (where are we going?), posing important questions each week that will challenge students to reflect on the city that Detroit is becoming. Each week will feature formal remarks and public discussion with a wide range of Detroit activists, scholars and community members.