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Honoring Ernie: WSU set to introduce Harwell Field to fans

August 14, 2013

Wayne State University, the Ernie Harwell Estate and Ernie Harwell Foundation announced June 6 the establishment of the Harwell Field Project, an outreach effort to build a baseball stadium in recognition of Ernie and Lula "Lulu" Harwell - Ernie's wife of 62 years. The goal of the effort is a two-phase project that will see the construction of a 500-seat grandstand, press box, team clubhouse and foyer to feature, display and recognize the achievements and contributions of the Harwells, according to Wayne State University Athletic Director Rob Fournier. The groups have already begun collecting donations for the project - from private and public donors, according to Fournier, who said the project has been in the works for three years. "You look at where our stadium is located - so close to (the old Tigers Stadium) and Comerica Park - and this all makes sense," said Fournier. "Mr. Harwell was a historian of the game, so we want to bring some of that history to life."