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Empowering water entrepreneurship: Nano bubbles make a big difference in produced water

April 5, 2016

At Wayne State University, researchers hoped to make a breakthrough for heart attack victims. By finding a way to deliver oxygen directly to the heart through the bloodstream, they believed they could minimize the amount of permanent heart damage a patient might incur. But an environmentally-minded researcher saw an opportunity to expand the technology. He spent 15 years refining it and eventually discovered a breakthrough for wastewater treatment. He developed the nano gas process. His mechanism joined with Concept Equity Group to create Nano Gas Technologies, Inc., a solution to the fundamental issue in the world of hydraulic fracturing.

The vast majority of oil companies have been injecting wastewater directly into the ground, through the soil, deep below water resources, and into porous underground rock formations. This practice is coming under heightened environmental scrutiny and some operations have begun recycling the water using dissolved gas flotation, an expensive, high maintenance, and chemical-intensive practice that fixes gas bubbles onto oil droplets, raising them to the surface and making them easy to remove.