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CFPCA dean separates effective communication from spin in op-ed

February 1, 2016

Matthew Seeger, professor of communication and dean of the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts, wrote an op-ed regarding the Flint water crisis which he described as “probably the worst disaster to affect Michigan in recent memory.” Seeger wrote: “Disasters that are seen primarily as acts of God create less psychological impact and anger than those that are caused by human decisions and failures. While there are many failures and lots of blame to go around, one of major causalities has been effective communication and the trust that comes from people getting accurate, timely and consistent information from their state and local governments.” Seeger continued: “The state is now participating in a Joint Information Center to help facilitate the release of information with other state and local agencies. The state has adopted a much more transparent and cooperative stance. These are important first steps.