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WXYZ profiles WSU basketball players' journey from New Orleans to Detroit

February 4, 2013

This story traces the journey of Wayne State Warriors basketball players Juanita Cochran and Talisha Bridges from New Orleans, to New York, to Detroit. Initially, they signed four-year scholarships at the University of New Orleans, but following their freshman year, the school's athletic department drastically slashed and cut its budget. Division I sports teams were immediately disbanded, and players were left looking for a new home. Left without a school, Juanita and Talisha hit the recruiting process trail for the second time. Stony Brook University in New York offered both girls a scholarship. But, Michele Cherry, the head coach at Stony Brook for over three years, didn't even make it through the season. She resigned in January of the girls' first season at the school. Cochran chose to return to Michigan, and signed up to play for Wayne State University. "When I came to Wayne State, it was amazing. Once I was happy, I was able to see my mom more, and everything began to fall in place." Talisha, her best friend, heard the stories on the phone, and knew what was next for her future. After an extra semester at Stony Brook, Talisha left to rejoin her friend. By January of 2012, she was the newest member of the Wayne State Warriors, happily practicing alongside her close companion. She had to sit out for the year due to transfer rules, but quickly made a difference on the court.