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WSU President Allan Gilmour gives New Economy Initiative updates in Crain's Detroit article

November 5, 2012

Four years after launching the $100 million New Economy Initiative for Southeastern Michigan, the foundations behind it are exploring a second round of funding, with discussions over details such as which funders would participate -- and the initiative's focus, should it continue. The New Economy Initiative was "strange, new territory" to most of the funders when it launched, said Wayne State University President Allan Gilmour, who was among those who came up with the NEI concept as chairman of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan. Some of its grants are still being made, and the final reports are not yet in, but on the whole, "the first round of NEI has been successful, perhaps more successful than some of us would have thought," Gilmour said. The initiative's economic development focus is also ground-breaking nationally, participants say. But NEI's funders "should reconsider the content of the activity ... we should assess what's worked, what hasn't, what the needs are and how we see them changing and how NEI should participate in those," Gilmour said. A photo of President Gilmour is included.