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Wayne State student uses education to manage roles, help Detroit

December 6, 2012

Norman Dotson's various roles as dedicated Detroit advocate, skilled engineer, innovative entrepreneur, ambitious leader, supportive mentor and focused student would leave many people feeling completely overwhelmed. Fortunately, he is more than up for the challenge thanks to his deep-rooted passion for Detroit and his process-oriented engineering education from Wayne State University. The industrial and systems engineering senior and Detroit native infuses his education into all facets of his life to help him more efficiently manage his numerous roles and projects. "My ISE education has completely impacted how I think. I see everything as a process now, and I wonder how I can improve it," he said. When he graduates in 2014, he'll be the first man in his family to earn a college degree. Fortunately for Detroit, he intends on staying right here. "I love Detroit. I love Wayne State. We're in the heart of everything and there's a great sense of community. If there's a possibility to positively impact Detroit, that's what I intend to do."