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Wayne State president says universities drive growth through teaching, research

June 19, 2013

Even with its flaws, higher education is good for America and good for the world, according to Allan Gilmour, president of Wayne State University. "Interestingly, it is good for business," Gilmour told the Detroit Economic Club on Tuesday. "For a long time, the connection between businesses and universities was tenuous at best ... But today, more than ever, the ivory towers have opened their doors for business." Gilmour spoke before scores of business leaders and higher education officials in what likely will be one of his last public appearances before retiring for good. Gilmour said it is the university's role to provide students with the best possible education. That, in turn, helps businesses because well-educated students become a pool of talent that will spark innovation. "That is how we renew companies and industries," Gilmour said. "And that is how we create productive citizens ... Our graduates become your employees, your colleagues, perhaps your successors, ultimately."