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Wayne State physician honored with Faculty Award for Excellence in Clinical Science Teaching

March 21, 2013

Dr. James Meza, a family medicine and geriatrics physician, was honored with the Faculty Award for Excellence in Clinical Science Teaching recently by the Wayne State University School of Medicine. Meza, who is also an assistant professor of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences at WSU, is the first person to receive the award, which is one of four new accolades developed by the university's medical school. "These awards were created to recognize outstanding accomplishments by faculty in the specific areas of clinical teaching, basic science teaching, outstanding and lifelong research achievement, faculty mentoring, and support for women clinicians and scientists," said Dr. Roberta E. Sonnino, vice dean of faculty affairs at Wayne State's School of Medicine. "The awards will not necessarily be awarded every year if there is not a candidate who surfaces as being outstanding in that area," Sonnino said.