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Wayne State gets $1M parting gift from President Gilmour

June 26, 2013

As he prepares to step down, retiring Wayne State University President Allan Gilmour will give the university back the salary he has earned, a $1 million gift. The president's gift is in the form of an endowment, 25 percent of which will be in the name of Gilmour's partner, Eric Jirgens. It will be used for students needing financial assistance to complete their education. The Board of Governors also honored the 11th WSU president by renaming Ferry Mall - an open air mall in north campus - Gilmour Mall. Board chair Debbie Dingell thanked him for his service as she called for renaming the area where a convocation is held annually to welcome students as Gilmour Mall. Dingell said Gilmour brought wisdom, insight, stability and credibility to the university. In addition, he put more focus on the students and listened to them, and students now have better services.