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Wayne State faculty union racing clock for a deal before right-to-work takes effect

February 1, 2013

Wayne State University is courting political and likely financial backlash if it signs on to a union proposal to get a 10-year provision in its next contract guaranteeing itself dues from all faculty members. The proposal is being pitched by the faculty union in direct response to recent right-to-work legislation. Union officials hope to get it ratified before right-to-work laws go into effect this spring. The showdown comes as contract talks between WSU and its faculty union -- about 1,600 members -- drag on. The two sides have been trying to hammer out a new agreement since the old one expired last fall. They've been operating under a series of temporary contracts while trying to find common ground. "Each of us will vote for what is best for Wayne State," said Debbie Dingell, a Dearborn Democrat and the chairwoman of the board.