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Vancouver Sun highlights Word Warriors Top 10 list with Jerry Herron

January 16, 2013

Wayne State University is advocating for revival in its annual roundup of vocabulary on the brink of obsolescence - the Word Warriors Top 10 list. The Wayne Warriors team, who've been likened to a linguistic search-and-rescue team, describe 2013's picks as some of the English language's most expressive but neglected terms. "We want people to take full advantage of the extraordinary richness of the English language," says Jerry Herron, professor of English at Wayne State. "The world of our experience is only as interesting as our capability to communicate it, to describe it." Herron loves the utility of these words, noting that they allow people to be more intentional with their language. "It's like (lending a jack) to a guy who's trying to change a tire with a pair of pliers," says Herron. "A word that precisely describes a part of your experience, and brings it back in vivid ways, is useful, not pretentious."