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University board elections draw attention as college costs rise

November 2, 2012

An increased focus on college costs comes amid news that the average in-state undergraduate tuition for a student at a Michigan public university went from $8,106 in 2007-08 to $10, 416 in 2011-12, an increase of 28.4 percent. Even among current governing board members, there is a growing concern about college costs. Before the start of this school year, six members across the three boards voted against tuition increases. At WSU, Democrats Tina Abbott and Annetta Miller aren't running for re-election. Republicans Michael Busuito and Satish Jasti are running, as are Democrats Sandra Hughes O'Brien and Kim Trent. This election also will have an impact on who runs two of the institutions. At WSU, President Allan Gilmour is stepping down at the end of the school year. At U-M, President Mary Sue Coleman's contract expires in 2014, and she is expected to retire.