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The Woodbridge anomaly: Detroit residents happy with police service

February 9, 2013

At a public safety meeting held in Spirit of Hope Church Saturday, nearly 75 residents attended including Wayne State University Police Chief Anthony Holt. Although living in Detroit, Woodbridge residents often contact Wayne State's police department. Holt spoke to the attendees for nearly a half hour, fielded questions and spoke about some of the things his department are doing. The department conducts bi-weekly crime date meetings and identified hot spots each week. "We don't just do increased police presence, we put a strategy together. And that strategy might be undercover officer, it might be our mobile cameras, it might be creating a task force, and when we come back two weeks later we need to see a significant decrease." The Wayne State Police Department (WSUPD) is funded through the university and tasked with campus safety, but has jurisdiction throughout the city and has stretched its patrols to include adjacent neighborhoods, thereby buffering the campus. A unique service Holt said his department offers is "safe walks." Residents desiring a police presence while they walk between their cars and their destination may call the WSUPD and state their location and destination. A patrol vehicle will be immediately dispatched to the area, said Holt, whose department runs about six patrol vehicles a night.