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Should state aid follow college students

May 25, 2006

Jack McHugh's May 10 commentary on the cost of education in Michigan prompted the following letter responses from Detroit News readers: Jeff Hoenig writes, "Don't tell me how non-faculty staff numbers keep rising out of control when I keep seeing good, knowledgeable, hard-working people losing their jobs all around me because funding is getting cut left and right. Frankly, this column by Jack McHugh is downright insulting, painting universities as money pits with no financial conscience. The universities are the last good thing going in Michigan." Fran Theis writes, "As a parent who put four children through undergraduate school, I can assure you that the high cost of both undergraduate and graduate school is hurting the Michigan economy. It didn't take our kids long to figure out that paying $18 a credit as a citizen of California rather than $200 to $400 in Michigan was a good idea."