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Runn aims to bring comprehensive delivery to Detroit

March 10, 2014

A pair of Wayne State University students and one from Central Michigan University are so sick of poor experiences in getting anything delivered in downtown Detroit they are starting their own company, Runn. "We wanted to get something to eat but didn't have a car, and delivery fees are pretty outrageous around downtown Detroit," Rodney Gainous, co-founder & CPO of Runn, "That is what inspired us. It was a hassle to get what we wanted at a reasonable price." The downtown Detroit-based company focuses on delivering a broad range of items while leveraging mobile technology to streamline the experience. Runn is aiming to deliver things college students want in an hour or less by connecting the users smartphone with local merchants and its delivery team. The 6-month-old business and its team of three people aims to launch in the Wayne State University area this fall.