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NEI transforming region, embracing diverse communities

January 17, 2013

Since its inception in 2008, The New Economy Initiative (NEI) has sought to leverage $100 million pooled from 10 leading philanthropic organizations and businesses to reshape and redefine the economic landscape of Detroit and Southeast Michigan. This unique collaboration has been propelling a transformation of the area's economy - with emphasis on reclaiming its entrepreneurial and innovation-driven roots - while also tackling its top-down, heavy-industry/automotive culture. Conceived in 2008 by Wayne State University Professor Hayg Oshagan as a way to harness the individual voices of ethnic and minority media into a strong collective, New Michigan Media's founding members - The Michigan Chronicle, The Arab American News, The Latino Press, The Jewish News and Michigan Korean Weekly - have established common ground on an array of domestic issues, many relating to entrepreneurship, immigration and small business development.