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Napoleon touts crime fighting experience in campaign for Detroit mayor

October 17, 2013

Mayoral candidate Benny Napoleon is vowing to cut city crime by 50 percent and promising to improve services and place a police officer in every square mile of the city. His neighborhood improvement plan calls for $3 billion in public-private partnerships and the creation of centers that would have police, fire and emergency services integrated into retail community areas in each of the seven council districts in the city. Earlier this month Napoleon unveiled a plan to transform neighborhoods "one square mile at a time" by forming the public-private partnerships for the creation of public safety service centers. But the campaign has not identified any companies that have committed money for the proposal. And Wayne State University law professor and development expert John Mogk said part of Napoleon's plan - using eminent domain to take a foreclosed or underwater mortgage and help limit the spread of blight - can't be done in Michigan. State voters put more restrictions on public takings of property in 2006. "In 2006, nowhere in Michigan or the rest of the country was eminent domain interpreted to be used to take a mortgage," Mogk said.