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Model D profiles Detroit Revitalization Fellow Erin Kelly

April 23, 2013

Erin Kelly, accepted to the Detroit Revitalization Fellows program - a Wayne State University project funded by Kresge Foundation, Ford Foundation, Hudson-Webber Foundation, the Skillman Foundation and Wayne State, was snapped up by NextEnergy, a nonprofit company focused on accelerating advanced energy technologies. Kelly's job at the organization is an almost perfect fit with her interest in the ecology of recalibrating the process of demolition staging in order to achieve the greatest net benefits for Detroit and Detroiters. "I am looking at how the demolition process is leveraged to create jobs and stabilize taxable property value in the city. I know we can attract investment and create jobs in Detroit by redirecting some of the material streams coming out of these structures. As a landscape architect I believe that demolition site selection must be driven by a thoughtful disposition process -- that the process itself should initiate from a consideration how the land is owned and managed once it is structure free."