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Michigan Chronicle article on saving Detroit notes WSU's role, contributions in reviving the city

March 12, 2014

Michigan Chronicle Senior Editor Bankole Thompson agrees with Detroit native Thomas Sugrue when he urged business and political leaders at the Detroit Regional Chamber's Detroit Policy Conference to focus on areas where the city has strength. Sugrue, author of "The Origins of the Urban Crisis: Race and Inequality in Postwar Detroit,' urged conference attendees not to chase an empty shadow with the hope that creating more enclaves of hipsters in the city will ultimately save Detroit. Sugrue said we should be looking at Wayne State University, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit Public Schools and other institutions because of their decades of commitment to the city during challenging times. Thompson writes: "Wayne State University has a new leader, Dr. M. Roy Wilson, who is now expanding the university's engagement and redefining its urban mission with a clear-cut vision, which will be critical to bringing Detroit back."