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Lansing State Journal publishes Dean Barbara Redman's op-ed on the Affordable Care Act and its implications

December 3, 2012

Barbara Redman, dean of Wayne State University's College of Nursing, wrote an op-ed about the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and its implications on health care delivery, in particular. "Millions of heretofore uninsured Americans will gain health insurance through a private insurer or a state agency; Michigan alone has 1.2 million uninsured. Many of these individuals already have been regular visitors to emergency rooms and urgent care facilities, often for conditions that are not emergencies. Others received care only when experiencing a severe health problem," Redman wrote. "With health insurance, more people than ever before are likely to seek preventive health care, also known as primary care. This is a good thing, as early detection of health issues can lower treatment costs." Redman added: "A responsible way to broaden the availability of primary care is to increase the number of advanced-practice registered nurses and define their role so they may practice to the full extent of their education and ability. However, this critical need for growth in the nursing workforce is hampered by insufficient funding for nursing education and often outdated state regulations."