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John Corvino featured in New York Times story about the Lent observance

March 18, 2013

John Corvino, chair of the philosophy department at Wayne State University, was featured in a story about observing Lent, the six-week period of reflection and repentance observed by Catholics and many other Christians. "I was an altar boy, and later a lector. By the time I was in high school" - at Chaminade, the Catholic boys' school on Long Island - "I decided I wanted to become a priest." He was eventually accepted as a postulant with the Capuchin Franciscans. "But in my first year of college, I figured out that I was gay," Corvino says. He gave up on the priesthood, and instead went to graduate school at the University of Texas, where he stopped going to Mass and became, to use his term, a "nonbeliever." But this year, like every year, Corvino is giving up something for Lent. "I'm giving up checking e-mail and Facebook before 10:30 a.m.," he says. Corvino, the author of the new book "What's Wrong With Homosexuality?" says that his Lenten observance has something to do with cultural nostalgia." But he also appreciates Lent as an opportunity for "discipline and self-improvement."