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Impending sequesters could slash $40 million from University of Michigan research funding

February 21, 2013

Research officials at the University of Michigan are preparing themselves for what could be a big cut in funding -- up to $40 million this year -- should the federal sequesters go through next week and slow the flow of federal research money. Federal funding provides 62 percent of U-M's research budget, which totaled $1.27 billion in the fiscal year that ended last June. A Democratic report in Washington said that under sequestration, the National Science Foundation (NSF) would see its funding cut by $375 million between now and the end of September, resulting in "nearly 1,000 fewer research grants, impacting nearly 12,000 individuals supported by NSF, including professors, graduate students and undergraduates." It also said it would lead to the termination of about $35 million in contracts and agreements. Among Michigan institutions of higher learning, Michigan State University was second in research spending last year, with $431 million; Wayne State University was third, at $255 million.