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Editorial: GOP lawmakers show insulting hypocrisy over Wayne State contract

March 19, 2013

A Detroit Free Press editorial responds to the higher education appropriations committee's passing of a bill that would strip $27.5 million from Wayne State University's budget because lawmakers believe Wayne State's new contract is designed to avoid the effects of right-to-work legislation passed last December. The editorial writer points out that Wayne State is following the law, right-to-work doesn't take effect until the end of March, and the contract got signed before that. "Even worse, though, is the idea that the GOP would react by slashing at higher education budgets in response. Really? Exacerbate the gross inequity that has Michigan spending more on prisons than on higher education? Force universities (which can surely do more to economize but which also need billions more to stay competitive with peer institutions around the nation) to lean even more on skyrocketing student tuition and fees to make up for government's emaciated support? That's beyond bad policy and well into the territory of stone foolish lawmaking."