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DiMarco steers new course for Cranbrook

March 17, 2013

For much of its long history, the Cranbrook Educational Community was a closed enclave that had little contact with the world outside its 300-plus acres in Bloomfield Hills. "Some neighbors had never even been here," said Dominic DiMarco, Cranbrook president. That's changed. Cranbrook has opened its doors in a number of ways, from adding an inviting gull-wing entranceway on Woodward and the implementation of a variety of outreach programs aimed at students across the state. Prior to coming to Cranbrook to serve as the chief financial officer in 2008, he worked for Ford Motor Co. for 35 years, where he was president of Ford in South America and served as executive director of the business units in Canada and Mexico. He joined Cranbrook last July after retiring from Ford. He rejoined the work force at the urging of his mentor, Wayne State University President Allan Gilmour. "He said I was too young to retire," DiMarco said.