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Detroit News article profiles WSU student veteran paying it forward to other veterans

March 25, 2013

When Patrick Hannah entered Wayne State University in 2008, he had a vague notion of finding a career that would somehow help veterans. Little did he suspect he would accomplish his goal - several times over - before graduation. Hannah, 49, a retired Marine from Wyandotte, rejuvenated a student veteran group, cajoled the school into opening a resource center and helped develop mentoring, tutoring and psychological counseling programs. He did all that while working on his bachelor's degree and then a master's degree in social work, which he will receive in a few weeks. Wayne State, like other colleges, is seeing an influx of veterans after the wars in Iran and Afghanistan. But many vets drop out, failing to adjust to academia. The center, which offers mentors, tutors and counselors, has started to pay off. The graduation rate of veterans, is 43 percent at Wayne State, according to a school study this month, compared with 15 percent to 35 percent at other schools.