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Complexions' Detroit Summer Intensive at WSU redefines contemporary ballet

July 8, 2014

New York's Complexions contemporary ballet company is once again bringing its brand of world-class dance to Detroit. "Complexions is a very American company," says Meg Paul, a ballet lecturer at Wayne State University who is also the program director for Complexions' Detroit Summer Intensive, a two-week program that gives students the opportunity to learn from and perform with the company. "When you see the company move, you know it's Complexions," she says. Paul notes that while Complexions utilizes the classical ballet form, its choreography pulls in a spectrum of other influences as well - from hip-hop to African dance. "We have Rachmaninoff, we have Stevie Wonder, we have Bach," she says. She also notes that the company prides itself in its diversity. "They have all colors of the spectrum, all shapes and sizes - as long as they're fierce dancers," she says. "It's about being in your best body. It's not about being super-skinny; it's about being healthy. They break through a lot of those old-school types of thinking."