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CBS Detroit highlights WSU engineering student's research

February 10, 2013

Jessica Young's research goal involves the creation of a camera that would give surgeons more autonomy in the operating room. She's part of a team hoping to help eliminate unnecessary communication between a surgeon and a camera assistant during laparoscopic surgery. Young is a senior in Wayne State University's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Like many undergraduate students at Wayne State, she works directly alongside internationally renowned researchers and scholars. This particular project, under the leadership of professors Abhilash Pandya and Brady King and in collaboration with the Children's Hospital of Michigan, could have significant ramifications in operating rooms around the world. "Laparoscopic surgery today requires the use of a camera assistant, which burdens the surgeon with unnecessary communication as well as adds an additional person to an already crowded operating room," Young said. "Our camera would give the surgeon more autonomy, but will not burden the surgeon with additional workload."