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CBS Detroit feature highlights doctoral student who followed engineering prof to Wayne State

January 27, 2013

For doctoral student Kapil Patki, the opportunity to work with structural engineering expert and professor Christopher Eamon was enough to make him want to pursue his passion at Wayne State University. The College of Engineering's current research, facilities, and innovative lab equipment and technologies were just icing on the cake. Patki, an Indian native, earned an undergraduate degree in civil engineering from Pune University in India and a master's degree in structural engineering from Lawrence Technological University, where he was first introduced to Eamon. "Dr. Eamon was working as a civil engineering professor there, and I had taken number of courses under his guidance," Patki said. "I had a great deal of respect for him due to his excellent teaching style and expertise in structural engineering." A couple of years later, Patki discovered that Eamon had joined the Wayne State faculty. Patki was employed in the civil engineering industry but expressed his desire to pursue a doctoral degree under Eamon's guidance at Wayne State. "I was so pleased when he accepted me as a Ph.D. candidate," Patki said. "I am so thankful for the opportunity, help and encouragement I have received from the civil and environmental engineering department, its professors and, especially, Dr. Eamon."