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Behind the shake: Putting together Wayne State's "Harlem Shake" video

March 10, 2013

The Harlem Shake is a "dancing" sensation that has swept across the internet and has become very popular for You Tube. At more than 40,000 views, the Wayne State Harlem shake has been one of the more successful local varieties. "The idea came from one of our web developers the Thursday before we recorded. We tried to pull it off on the same day, but we weren't sure if we would have enough people. So, we created the Facebook event and let it build over the weekend while, we got the correct permissions," said Jessica Archer, information officer at Wayne State University. They pulled more than 300 people together via Facebook, and it all came together in the WSU Student Center Building food court. What about the idea that the Harlem Shake was overdone? After all, there have been a lot of versions. Archer said she "was a little reticent to do it at first, but it was a total blast."