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Awareness sparked after Washington Township boy, 2, dies after reportedly being shaken

August 29, 2013

Two-year-old Damian Sutton of Washington Township died on Monday after he was allegedly shaken so hard by his mother's boyfriend that it caused severe brain damage and now officials are trying to raise awareness about shaken baby syndrome. Every year, thousands of babies are shaken and abused by a frustrated parent or caregiver. Generally, the frustration stems from the infant crying. "Our aim is to educate parents that all babies cry, some more than others, and that most crying is normal," says Dr. Dena Nazer, medical director of the child protection team at Children's Hospital of Michigan and assistant professor at Wayne State University. "If you are unable to soothe your baby and your baby does not have any other signs of being sick, you can ask another caregiver to take over. Make sure to always leave your baby in a safe crib on his back and take a minute for yourself. Never ever shake a baby."