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Board of Governors The Board of Governors elects the President of the University, has general supervision of Wayne State University and the control and direction of all expenditures from University funds. It enacts bylaws and regulations for the conduct of its business and for the governance of the University.

Office of the President Dr. M. Roy Wilson became the 12th president of Wayne State University on August 1, 2013.

Distinctively Wayne State University Strategic Plan for 2016-2021. Values: Collaboration, Integrity, Innovation, Excellence and Diversity and Inclusion.

Faculty Experts With 13 schools and colleges, Wayne State University has hundreds of faculty who are highly-qualified to serve as expert sources for news organizations. After browsing our faculty experts database, please contact a member of our staff to set up an interview.

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Wayne State Fact Book The Wayne State University Fact Book is a compilation of detailed information about the university’s purpose, resources, activities and people.

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