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    News releases from May 2007

  • Universities: No extra fat to cut
    $95.3-million hit to funding could mean tuition hikes Leaders of the state\'s public universities say that the $95.3 million in deferred payments and cuts in state aid dropped in their laps Frida..
  • Tempers flare during forum on gas prices
    Both television stations did live reports on the early evening news about the hearings held on campus Tuesday by Congressman John Conyers regarding soaring gasoline prices. Wayne State was mentioned..
  • Crain\'s reports new venture fund raising $10 million
    Officials of a new Detroit-based venture-capital fund say they will start fundraising in June and hope to raise a minimum of $10 million in the next six months, eventually targeting a maximum of bet..
  • Foreign doctors fill more WSU jobs
    A front-page story today reports that more than half the doctors beginning medical residency in July at Wayne State will be foreign-educated students. These graduates will fill 91 of 162 first-year ..
  • New TechTown venture fund looks to raise $10M-plus
    Officials of a new Detroit-based venture capital fund will start fundraising in June and hope to raise at least $10 million in the next half-year. The TechTown Venture Fund will be a partnership wit..
  • Congressman John Conyers to discuss gas prices
    Congressman John Conyers will convene a town hall meeting today at Wayne State University to discuss possible reasons for high gas prices. The meeting is set for 6 p.m. at the McGregor Memorial Conf..
  • Budget deal a blow to colleges
    Public universities in Michigan face the collective loss of about $166 million in state grants this fiscal year following a deal by lawmakers Friday to partially balance the state budget. State offi..
  • No easy cure for doctor shortage
    The biggest expansion of Michigan's medical schools in more than three decades has spawned open conflict between two universities and raised a multitude of questions about how best to graduate more ..
  • MSU needs to step back on med school vote
    A Detroit Free Press editorial opines that Michigan State University should not move some of its medical students into the Detroit Medical Center, especially during a time when the state of health c..
  • WSU medical school staff, students campaign against potential MSU-DMC alliance
    More than three dozen Wayne State University medical students and faculty voiced their concerns through e-mail last weekend over the possibility that Michigan State University could choose the Detro..
  • 10 research projects to watch
    This is an overview article about Crain's reporter Sherri Begin's findings on the Top 10 most important research projects at Wayne State University. The story notes that metro Detroit is home to res..
  • Research to watch: Philip Cunningham, 53
    Philip Cunningham, associate professor of biological sciences at Wayne State University, has developed new technologies to flag mutations in antibiotic drug targets having the potential to produce a..
  • The impact of the Kalamazoo Promise
    The impact of the Kalamazoo Promise - the revolutionary program that began in 2006 that provides up to four years of free college tuition to graduates of the Kalamazoo Public Schools - is having..
  • Boss Mike brings politics to medicine
    In his column, Finley writes about how Mike Duggan cut costs, improved efficiency and posted profits when Gov. Jennifer Granholm "bought him the chief executive's job (at the DMC)." Finley further o..
  • MSU med school should keep put of Wayne State-DMC feud
    In an editorial, The Detroit News stated, "For all the unknowns surrounding health care in Detroit, one thing has been certain: Wayne State University would teach the area\'s doctors, and they in tu..
  • \"Leaders on Leadership\" - Rick Nahm
    \"Leaders on Leadership\", co-produced by the Wayne State University School of Business Administration and Detroit Public Television, featured Rick Nahm, president of the Cranbrook Educational Commu..
  • MSU urged to delay vote
    Pressure is mounting on Michigan State University\'s Board of Trustees to delay a vote expected Friday on where it will place a satellite campus for its osteopathic school in metro Detroit. Delaying..
  • Who's got patients at heart?
    Columnist Rochelle Riley writes about the positions of Wayne State University and the DMC regarding MSU's plan to open an osteopathic satellite campus in the metro Detroit area. WSU's medical school..
  • Wayne State makes last plea
    President Irvin D. Reid and Eugene Driker, chair of the WSU Board of Governors, will head to East Lansing Monday to ask Michigan State University not to expand its osteopathic school to the Detroit ..
  • State Aid Down, Tuition Up at Michigan's Public Universities
    Several media outlets carried an AP story about reductions in state funding for Michigan's public universities. Thirteen universities received less from the state last year than in 2001-02. Several ..
  • Editorials: Collaborate, not separate
    This western Michigan newspaper editorializes against the proposal to fund Wayne State and Michigan's other two major research universities separately from the other 12 public universities. "Shouldn..