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    News releases from October 2004

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    Dave Bing, President and CEO of The Bing Group, was the guest on \"Leaders on Leadership,\" co-produced by Detroit Public Television and the WSU School of Business Administration. The School of Bus..
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    This e-magazine of the Michigan Economic Development Corp. featured a notice about Detroit Docs International Film Festival in its save-the-date column with a link to the Docs Website which shows Wa..
  • Our endorsements
    On its editorial page, the News endorsed candidates Paul Hillegonds and Susan Licata Haroutunian for the WSU Board of Governors in the Tuesday election.
  • Vote Tuesday
    The Free Press endorsed incumbents Annetta Miller and Paul Hillegonds for the WSU Board of Governors.
  • Wayne State Board: Hillegonds and Miller for governors
    In an editorial, the newspaper states that WSU is "one of the state's big research universities" and that it is "in a period of growth and change." It adds, "That speaks well of the board, two of wh..
  • Recapping our picks
    The Journal endorsed Susan Licata Haroutunian and Paul Hillegonds for the university's Board of Governors.
  • Hepatitis C diagnoses rise; health cost concerns spread
    More patients with the hepatitis C virus, the leading cause of liver failure, are turning up in doctors' offices across Metro Detroit with liver damage - a phenomenon likely to drive up health care ..
  • Halloween fun shifts
    A story about trick-or-treating on Halloween includes a comment from Charo Hulleza, managing director of Wayne State\'s Center for Urban Studies. She said the choice to trick or treat in affluent su..
  • Ovshinsky earns award
    Local filmmaker Harvey Ovshinsky will be honored next week at the Detroit Docs Film Festival at Wayne State University. He will receive a lifetime achievement award, and some of his work will be in..
  • Feds OK $17M loan for Detroit homes, art
    The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will provide a $17 million loan guarantee to help fund an emerging housing and arts project in the Garfield Historic District near The Detroit Me..
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    Kurt Metzger, research director of CULMA's Center for Urban Studies, appeared on WDTR's "Inside America" show with host Mildred Gaddis. Metzger talked about a recent Gallup Poll on the 'Soul of the ..
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    Marjorie Sarbaugh-Thompson, associate professor of political science, appeared on "Stateside" talking about Michigan's term limits for state representatives, senators and the governor, a mandate app..
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    Kurt Metzger, research director for CULMA's Center for Urban Studies, discussed the benefits of a youth voter turnout and the recent push at hip hop summits and the like to encourage young people to..
  • The Big Three: University boards
    In an editorial, the newspaper endorsed incumbent governors Annetta Miller and Paul Hillegonds for re-election to the WSU Board of Governors. "Miller brings the most experience to the table" the ed..
  • P. Diddy takes to the skies in his political party plane
    The newspapers listed above are a few of dozens across the country that carried an Associated Press story that mentions Wayne State University. The story chronicles the Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' "Vote ..
  • Health Care: WSU technology to curtail drug-resistant germs
    A genomics technology developed by WSU professor Philip Cunningham of the Biology Department has been licensed by a Massachusetts-based company. The technology is useful in helping to fight drug-re..
  • People on the move
    The appointment of Dr. Robert Frank as interim dean at the WSU School of Medicine is noted in the business appointments column. His clinical interests are in geriatrics and end-of-life care.
  • People making news
    The Wayne State University Law School appointed Francesco Reale director of finance and operations.
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    The partnership between the Detroit Docs International Film Festival and Wayne State University has been advertised in a trailer preceding all the films shown at the Detroit Institute of Arts for th..
  • Bonstelle Theatre opens season
    An article accompanied by a photo of three cast members profiles "A Flea in Her Ear," the play that will launch the Bonstelle Theatre's 52nd season at Wayne State. "This farce, set in the 1960s, wil..
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    A photo of participants from the Sept. 28 symposium titled "The Impact of the USA Patriot Act on the University" includes Wayne State University Professor of Law Robert Sedler. The event was held in..
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    Frederic Pearson, director of CULMA's Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, commented about the U.S. presidential race and candidates President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry.
  • Hispanics testify before State Commission on Higher Education
    Hispanic educators and community leaders testified before Lt. Gov. John Cherry's Commission on Higher Education and Economic Growth at Wayne State on Oct. 18. Among those on hand to make presentat..
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    Sloppy wording in Proposal 2 creates a situation where the proposal could go beyond banning gay marriage, writes Jack Lessenberry, a lecturer in communication.
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    This nationally aired program did a segment on the Vote or Die event at Wayne State. It featured shots of actor Leonardo DiCaprio making comments while standing in front of a backdrop with WSU word..
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    ABC's Entertainment Tonight show aired a segment on the Sean Combs "Vote or Die" tour, which showed the hip-hop artist with actor Leonardo DiCaprio on a stage with a backdrop that included a promine..
  • State seeks tech tri-corridor proposals
    Michigan universities, private research institutions and others interested in competing for $26.5 million in Michigan Technology Tri-Corridor funding should submit pre-proposals to the Michigan Econ..
  • Outlook uncertain as Proposal 2 foes mount late opposition
    Proposal 2 is often referred to as a "gay marriage ban," but a growing number of opponents fear the proposal's broad wording will inflict damage on the civil rights of Michigan's citizens and their ..
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    All of the above outlets provided on-site coverage of Hip-hop artist Sean "P. Diddy" Comb's visit on campus launching a three-day get-out-the-vote drive. Joining Combs on the second stop of the Citi..
  • Vote or die rally, stars come to WSU
    Sean P. Diddy Combs' appearance at Wayne State University drew more than 6,000 people Tuesday to a get-out-the-vote rally. The Vote or Die rally was part of a three-day tour to seven cities in swing..
  • People in the news
    Dr. Robert Lechy has been named medical director for the Macomb-Oakland Regional Center in Clinton Township. Dr. Lechy is clinical assistant professor of Wayne State University\'s Department of Fami..
  • Wayne State board: Hillegonds, Haroutunian offer solid leadership
    A Flint Journal editorial endorses Republicans Paul C. Hillegonds and Susan Licata Haroutunian for the two available seats on Wayne State's Board of Governors. The editorial points out that Wayne St..
  • Races on for U-M, MSU and WSU boards
    The top two vote-getters in each election will win eight-year terms. Nine candidates are running for the two spots open on Wayne State's board of governors.
  • State graduation rates increase
    Scholarship athletes at most Michigan universities continue to graduate at rates higher than national averages, and better than that of the school's general student body, NCAA statistics released Mo..
  • Hillegonds, Haroutunian offer solid leadership to the Wayne State Board of Governors
    This editorial which featured photos of the board members said that Wayne State may not have the profile of Michigan State or U of M, but this Detroit school is a major research institution that pro..
  • Birth Control Pill Heart Disease "Study" Unreliable
    The information that made headlines last week was compiled by a group at Wayne State University headed by Dr. Rahi Victory. This article maintains that the report was not conducted with the normal ..
  • Wayne State names interim dean
    Dr. Robert Frank's appointment as interim dean of Wayne State's School of Medicine is noted in a brief.
  • Wayne hires interim dean
    Dr. Robert R. Frank, associate professor of medicine and associate dean for academic and student programs at the WSU School of Medicine, has been appointed interim dean of the school.
  • Wayne State names Interim medical dean
    Dr. Robert R. Frank, associate professor of medicine and associate dean for academic and student programs at the university's School of Medicine, will serve as interim dean.
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    Windsor wives make merry at the Hilberry Reviewer Sue Suchyta writes in her "From the Front Row" column that Wayne State's graduate theatre company launched a funny and entertaining version of this ..
  • WSU's Frank named interim dean
    Wayne State University appointed Dr. Robert Frank, associate medical school dean and long-time faculty member, as the School of Medicine's interim dean Friday. \"I want to re-energize the faculty in..
  • Exclusive course offered at Wayne State University
    Wayne State University and the University of Michigan are offering a 10-week mathematics program aimed at seventh-grade girls. It is called "Gaining Options: Girls Investigate Real Life." A contact..
  • Lifeline
    This online version of the famed British medical journal carries a brief profile and a Q&A article on Steven Stack of the WSU Criminal Justice Department. The piece notes that Stack received the 20..
  • 2004 LifeLine Award recipients
    A photo and caption shows College of Nursing Dean Barbara Redman, Mado Lie, event chair and College of Nursing board of visitors member, and 2004 LifeLine Award recipients Vernice Davis Anthony and ..
  • WSU opens with Steve Martin's adaptation of 'The Underpants'
    "The Underpants," a play written by Carl Sternheim and adapted by Steve Martin, will be running Oct. 21-23 and Oct. 28-30 at the Wayne State University Studio Theatre. A photo of cast members accomp..
  • University Boards
    Wayne State's change in the university\'s appearance and interaction with its neighborhood, and the region have been phenomenal over the last decade. Two incumbents are seeking re-election. Democrat..
  • People making news
    Bethany Berger has joined the faculty of Wayne State University Law School as a professor. She has expertise in American-Indian law. Previously, she was a research professor of Indian law at the Uni..
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    Agustin Arbulu, an attorney and professor of management and strategy at Northwood University in Midland, was named chairman of the board of visitors and executive chairman of the capital campaign fo..
  • Arab-American teens struggle with rising stress
    In a Wayne State University study, in which 25 Arab-Americans 14- to 18-year-olds were interviewed, 43 percent showed signs of depression. Many Arab-American were uprooted from their homes and relo..
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    Hip Hop artist Sean \"P. Diddy\" Combs\' appearance at Wayne State's Gullen Mall on Tuesday, Oct. 26, at 5 p.m., was mentioned during the morning drive-time newscast. Combs, who will be joined by ot..
  • The Pill cuts heart disease and cancer
    The US Women\'s Health Initiative, which studied 162,000 women, found those who had taken the oral contraceptive had a lower chance of heart problems. Dr Michael Diamond of Wayne State, said: \"We\'..
  • Oral Contraceptive Use Linked To Reduced Risk of Endometrial, Other Cancers
    Dr. Rahi Victory of Wayne State, reported that a history of oral contraceptive use reduced risk of any cancer. After controlling for covariates, Dr. Victory reported that risk reduction remained fo..
  • WSU hosts Driker Law Forum
    A brief item notes that "Corporate Citizenship and the Law" will be the topic of the Nov. 8 Driker Forum for Excellence in the Law, sponsored by the WSU Law School and the Center for the Study of Ci..
  • Birth control pill may cut cancer, heart risks
    Dr. Michael Diamond and Dr. Rahi Victory of the WSU School of Medicine are quoted in an article about their research that found women taking the pill had significantly lower risks of heart disease a..
  • Friends become foes for one game
    This feature article discussed the upcoming game between Wayne State and Ashland and how Wayne State head football coach Paul Winters and offensive line coach Keith Uecker will be facing their forme..
  • Economy: Global auto leaders to meet at Wayne State
    Wayne State will host an Oct. 27 panel discussion on "Reducing Global Oil Dependence Through Advanced Vehicles." Industry and policy experts will participate. The event is sponsored by the United N..
  • Education: Record enrollment at U of M
    This year's freshman enrollment of over 6,000 students at the University of Michigan is the largest in school history. To accommodate the growing student body, U-M will build one new dorm and upgrad..
  • Candidates increasingly play on fears
    Professor Frederic Pearson, a foreign policy and elections expert and director of CULMA's Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, commented about last-minute campaign rhetoric among the presidential ..
  • Signs point to a close race
    Lyke Thompson, a professor of political science and director of the Center for Urban Studies here, says that Republicans tend to have more money to contribute to candidates, but notes that campaign ..
  • Cheney told jobs, wages are worries
    U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy delivered a speech at Wayne State University saying the Bush administration has had its "opportunity in Iraq and it has been a disaster, a quagmire." Kennedy charged that..
  • Sen. Edward Kennedy speaks at Wayne State University
    Following a speech at Wayne State's School of Medicine in support of John Kerry's run for the White House, Sen. Edward Kennedy was questioned about his colleagues in the Senate receiving flu shots w..
  • US study says the pill cuts heart disease risk
    The newspapers above are just a small sampling of the dozens nationwide that ran an AP story that discusses research findings from the WSU School of Medicine that found that the birth control pill i..
  • Cheney has quiet yet powerful pull
    History professor Melvin Small is quoted in a story about Vice President Dick Cheney's role in the Bush administration and how he is perceived by others. He noted that vice presidents traditionally ..
  • An important choice for young voters
    The Free Press ran letters to the editor from six Wayne State students regarding their respective opinions on presidential candidates George Bush and John Kerry.
  • Michigan needs nutritional labeling at restaurants
    In a letter to the editor, Tom Rifai, a medical doctor and lecture at the WSU School of Medicine, calls for nutrition-fact labeling at major restaurants as one step in the war against the "obesity e..
  • Ichthyology meets ignominy at the Ig Nobels
    Steven Stack, professor in the Criminal Justice Department at Wayne State, is the recipient of an Ig Nobel Award for his research (with James Gundlach of Auburn University) that found a correlation ..
  • State loses more jobs
    Michigan lost 15,000 jobs in September, pushing the state's unemployment rate to 6.8 percent, according to the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth. Persons interviewed for this article ..
  • Local comment: Why take gay couples' only benefit away
    English professor Christopher Leland has an op-ed piece calling for the defeat of Proposal 2, the issue on the state ballot that recognizes marriage as a union between a man and a woman. He points o..
  • Report unfairly flunks Michigan on university affordability
    In an op-ed piece, Mark Murray, president of Grand Valley State University, contends that universities in Michigan and many other states are unfairly criticized in some national surveys for scoring ..
  • People making news
    Harper University Hospital named Jeffrey Clark, an associate clinical professor at the Wayne State University School of Medicine department of anesthesiology, as chief of staff of medical affairs.
  • Wally's Warehouse Waifs play Dixieland and all that jazz
    A brief article about two local Dixieland bands making appearances in the metro area mentions that one of the groups, Hot Club of Detroit, is made up of students and graduates of Wayne State Univers..
  • Study proves pill safer than thought
    The pill as a birth control option may reduce the risk of heart disease. "We're still learning amore about more about the biology," said one of the researchers, Dr. Michael Diamond of the Wayne Sta..
  • Clarkson, Wayne State split
    The WSU men's hockey team defeated Clarkson University, 5-4, in the Warriors home opener on Oct. 16, but the team suffered a 5-3 loss to Clarkson the following day. The Warriors will be on the road..
  • College tuition rises again
    College tuition rose at a slower rate this year, climbing 10.5 percent at four-year public colleges and 6 percent at private ones. State budget cuts have forced public colleges to pass on more of t..
  • Metro and State
    Wayne State's women's hockey senior forward Kelly Zamora is the offensive player of the week in College Hockey America Women. Zamora had two goals and three assists in a sweep of Boston College.
  • People on the move
    Prof. Ellen J. Dannin was awarded the Donald H. Gordon Award for Excellence in Teaching by Wayne State University Law School at the State Bar of Michigan Annual Meeting.
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    David Hollister, Gov. Jennifer Granholm's jobs and development czar, will be the keynote speaker Oct. 20 at a Wayne State University colloquium exploring the topic of how to create job growth in Mic..
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    An article ran in the Making Airwaves section of the newspaper regarding the recent programming changes at Wayne State\'s WDET 101.9 FM, and how those changes may have a negative affect on the stati..
  • Asbestos bill unresolved as thousands endure painful, fatal disease
    Dr. Michael Harbut, a co-author of the ATS study and chief of the Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Wayne State was quoted on a bill concerning asbestos. The 108th Congress propo..
  • People on the Move
    Wayne State University Law School named Lisa Rycus Mikalonis assistant dean for career services.
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    Lyke Thompson, professor of political science and director of the Center for Urban Studies in CULMA had an on-camera interview at the New Yaseem Bakery in Dearborn. He discussed presidential politi..
  • Two WSU Football Players Listed In NCAA Stats
    Two Wayne State players are listed among the nation\'s best in football in this week\'s NCAA statistical report. Freshman wide receiver/kick returner Gary Frisby is 27th in the country in kickoff re..
  • Visual brain areas assist inflamed optic nerves
    A study presented at the annual meeting of the American Neurological Assoc. in Toronto examined the visual areas of the brain. "These and other studies employing modern imaging techniques are leadi..
  • College hockey
    Wayne State forwards Jason Bloomingburg and Tylor Michel were honored by College Hockey America. Bloomingburg is the offensive player of the week after scoring a hat trick against Clarkson. Michel..
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    Included is a photograph of Nursing Dean Barbara Redman, Nursing Board of Visitors member Mado Lie and the two honorees from the College of Nursing's LifeLine Awards, Vernice Davis Anthony and Miche..
  • Who's Better for Canada - Kerry or Bush?
    Martin Marger, adjunct professor of history, was part of panel that discussed the impact of the U.S. presidential election. They discussed whether Bush or Kerry would be better for Canada. Marger ..
  • New board members to guide change at Wayne State
    Wayne State is moving from being a school strictly for commuters to being more of a traditional campus with the addition of three undergraduate dorms. The university\'s Board of Governors will be a..
  • Depression is different in kids
    Depression in young people is different from the depression in adults. The symptoms and the responses to antidepressants are also dissimilar to those in adults. David Rosenberg and colleagues at Way..
  • Metro Latinos strive for a political voice
    Members of Metro Detroit's Latino community say that while their population is growing - up 10.3 percent in Michigan in the past three years - they are still struggling to gain political represe..
  • Wayne State women edge Boston College
    Jessica Haydahl and Laura Monk had a goal and assist each helping Wayne State women's hockey team defeat host Boston College, 4-3, Sunday. Naommi Kupferstein and Sarah Carlson also scored and Tina T..
  • WSU to name interim medical dean this week
    This article noted that Wayne State\'s School of Medicine would name a new dean this week to replace John Crissman, who stepped down as dean last week. The article also noted that Crissman, whose fi..
  • Nonprofits need to work together better
    An editorial in Crain\'s Detroit stated surprise in the fact that Wayne State wasn\'t able to collaborate with WTVS-Channel 56 to find a new home in the city for the public television station. WTVS ..
  • People
    Augustin V. Arbulu has been named chairman of the Board of Visitors and executive chair of the capital campaign for the Institute of Gerontology at Wayne State University. A biographical sketch and ..
  • Men\'s Hockey Allows Three Third Period Goals in 5-3 Setback
    Sunday afternoon at the Compuware Sports Arena in Plymouth, the Wayne State men\'s hockey team suffered its first setback of the season by allowing three third period goals in a 5-3 loss to visiting..
  • Latino concerns challenge WSU
    A profile article on Wayne State\'s Center for Chicano-Boricua Studies noted that there is tension between the university and Latino community that if not settled, could undercut efforts to boost en..
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    \"Leaders on Leadership\", a weekly series co-produced with the WSU School of Business Administration, featured Richard Blouse, Chief Executive Officer of the Detroit Regional Chamber. Larry Fobes (..
  • Ig Nobel awards help humanize scientists
    Wayne State criminology professor Steven Stack was co-author of a study that showed that country music listeners face a greater risk of suicide than other people. He won the Ig Nobel in Medicine fo..
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    Wayne State\'s Kurt Metzger was quoted in an article about Proposal E, on which Detroit voters will have the option of maintaining the CEO system of running the Detroit Public Schools or returning t..
  • Presidential candidates seek 'educated' voters
    The presidential candidates are not paying much attention to education issues in general, and black education issues in particular. This front-page story featured a photo of Michael Moore speaking ..
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    Professor Jerry Herron, director of Wayne State's Honors Program, talked about the media's obsession with the flu vaccination shortage and how this phenomenon may relate to our pop culture.