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    News releases from July 2004

  • "U-M, MSU say more women enrolling in business school"
    Wayne State University's part-time MBA program anticipates a class of 45 percent women, higher than the University of Michigan's business school which forecasts its fall MBA class at 31 percent wome..
  • Water quality experts eye upgrade
    Carl Freeman, biology professor in the College of Science, was part of a delegation that traveled to a Pittsburgh water plant to learn more about water quality.
  • Commission begins work on increasing college graduates
    Wayne State University Board of Governors member Paul Massaron will lead a group studying how to encourage more students to attend college. The group was established through a commission appointed b..
  • Michigan leads Midwest in new housing, census says
    Kurt Metzger, research director in CULMA's Center for Urban Studies, comments about the increase of new homes in Wayne County. "During the last year, Wayne County really picked up the pace," he says..
  • Michigan struggles to keep pace in biotech and life sciences industries
    Michigan's state government leaders, having pledged to be players in the biotech industry in 1999, have since funded biotech research efforts at Wayne State University, and other institutions.
  • Long-haul trucking takes a toll
    Michael Belzer of the College of Urban, Labor and Metropolitan Affairs, is quoted in a story about use of GPS technology by truck fleet owners to track their drivers. In his book "Sweatshops on Whe..