Featured Experts

  • Tarraf, Wassim Assitant Professor
  • Taylor, John Director of Supply Chain Programs
    Mike Ilitch School of Business
  • Thomas, Pedroni Associate Professor, Curriculum Studies and Program Coordinator, Schooling and Society
    College of Education
  • Thomason, Moriah Assistant professor
    School of Medicine and Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute for Child and Family Development
  • Thompson, Lyke Professor
    Political Science
  • Tong, Stephanie Assistant Professor
  • Wang, Le Yi Professor
    Electrical and Computer Engineering
    electrical engineering,  electric vehicle engineering,  automotive engines,  hybrid vehicle technology.
  • Wasserman, Gary Associate professor
    Industrial and Systems Engineering
    manufacturing,  industrial engineering.
  • Weinberg, Jonathan Professor
    Wayne Law
    citizenship law.
  • Weinberg, Jonathan Professor of Law
    Wayne Law
  • Wilkins, Lee Professor and Chair
    Department of Communication
  • Williams, Eric Professor
    Wayne Law
    entrepreneurship law.
  • Williams, Kidada Associate professor
    Africana Studies
    civil rights,  Black history .
  • Williams, Kidada Associate Professor
  • Winter, Steven Professor
    Wayne Law
    constitutional law.