Featured Experts

  • Seeger, Matthew Professor and Dean
    Department of Communication
  • Settlage, Rachel Director of the Asylum and Immigration Law Clinic
    Wayne Law
    immigration law.
  • Shi, Weisong Professor
    Computer Science
    computer science,  mobile and cloud computing.
  • Shields, Carolyn Professor
    College of Education
    achievement gap,  Educational Leadership,  Equity and Inclusion,  Social Justice.
  • Shreve, Gina Associate professor
    Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
  • Singh, Harpreet Professor
    Mechanical Engineering
    defense engineering.
  • Slatcher, Richard Associate Professor
  • Sledge, Justin Professor
    Philosophy; Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
    religion,  religious studies,  philosophy.
  • Smith, Brad Professor
    Criminal Justice
  • Somers, Cheryl Professor
    College of Education
    academic achievement ,  adolescents,  Resilience,  Risk Behavior.
  • Ssemakula, Mukasa Professor
    Engineering Technology
  • Stoltman, Jeff Associate Professor of Marketing
    Mike Ilitch School of Business
  • Summers, Gail Jensen Director of Training at the Institute of Gerontology and a Professor of Economics
  • Sundararaghavan, Harini Assistant professor
    Biomedical Engineering
    biomedical engineering,  cell and tissue engineering .
  • Tan, Chin-An Professor
    Mechanical Engineering
    mechanical engineering,  automotive safety .