Featured Experts

  • Moss, Jennifer Sheridan Associate Professor
    Department of Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
  • Ng, Simon Associate dean for research and graduate studies
    Chemical engineering
    alternative energy technology.
  • Nikolla, Eranda Assistant professor
    Chemical engineering and materials science
    fuel cells,  batteries,  automotive safety .
  • Oshagan, Hayg Associate Professor
  • Pandya, Abhilash Associate professor
    Electrical and computer engineering
  • Paranjpe, Nitin Part-Time Faculty in Finance
    Department of Finance
  • Pearson, Fred Center Director
    Center for Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Piliawsky, Monte Senior Lecturer
    College of Education
    achievement gap,  Charter Schools ,  School Choice,  School Desegregation,  School Funding.
  • Pothukuchi, Kami Associate Professor, Urban studies and planning
    Urban Studies and planning
    environment,  Detroit revitalization.
  • Putanda, Susil Professor
    Chemical engineering and materials science
  • Qin, Julia Professor
    Wayne Law
    Chinese trade law,  international trade.
  • Rajilich, Vaclav Professor
    Computer science
    computer science,  software engineering.
  • Retish, Aaron Associate Professor
  • Reynolds, Robert Professor
    Computer science
    computer game programming,  virtual world design.
  • Rickli, Jeremy Assistant Professor
    Industrial and Systems Engineering