Featured Experts

  • Masters, Marick Professor of Business and Adjunct Professor of Political Science
    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    Business,  Labor,  Conflict Resolution.
  • McCaughtry, Nate Assistant Dean and Professor
    Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies
    Education,  Nutrition,  Child Development.
  • McElmurry, Shawn Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
    College of Engineering
  • Miller, Carol Professor and Chair, Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Engineering,  Environment.
  • Misra, Dawn Associate Chair for Research and Professor
    Department of Family Medicine
    Health & Technology,  Health disparities.
  • Mogk, John Professor of Law
    Wayne Law
  • Mohamed, Rayman Associate Professor
    Urban Studies & Planning
    Urban Studies.
  • Moldenhauer, Judith Associate Professor, Graphic Design
    Art and Art History
  • Ng, Simon Associate dean for research and graduate studies
    Chemical engineering
    Engineering,  Environment.
  • Nikolla, Eranda Assistant professor
    Chemical engineering and materials science
    Automotive,  Engineering,  Environment.
  • Oshagan, Hayg Associate Professor
  • Pandya, Abhilash Associate professor
    Electrical and computer engineering
    Engineering,  Computer Science.
  • Pearson, Fred Center Director and Professor
    Center for Peace and Conflict Studies
    Global Issues,  Conflict Resolution.
  • Pedroni, Thomas Associate Professor, Curriculum Studies and Program Coordinator, Schooling and Society
    College of Education
    Education,  Urban Studies.
  • Piliawsky, Monte Senior Lecturer
    College of Education