Featured Experts

  • Jackson, Chavon Assistant Professor
    College of Education
    accreditation,  Educational Leadership.
  • Jakes, Kelly Assistant Professor
  • Kahn, Steven Professor, Director, WSU Center for Excellence and Equity in Mathematics
  • Kalman, Lauren Assistant Professor
    Art and Art History
    art history,  Video Methods.
  • Kashian, Dan Professor
    College of Liberal Arst and Sciences
  • Kernsmith, Poco Associate Professor
    Social Work
  • Khan, Saeed Lecturer
    College of Liberal Arts & Science
  • Kilgore, Paul Associate professor
    health disparities.
  • King, Albert Distinguished Professor
    Biomedical Engineering
    injury biomechanics,  automotive safety .
  • Klin, Alina Senior Lecturer
    Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
  • Kou, Zhifeng Assistant professor
    Biomedical engineering and radiology
    biomedical engineering.
  • Kou, Zhifeng Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Radiology
    College of Engineering
  • Kruman, Marc Professor
  • Ku, Jerry Associate Professor
    Mechanical Engineering
    electric vehicle engineering,  mechanical engineering.
  • Lesnik, Julie Assistant Professor
    anthropology,  insects as food,  evolution of human diet.