Featured Experts

  • Galster, George Distinguished Professor
    Urban Studies & Planning
  • Gidlow, Liette Associate professor
    Department of History
    U.S. presidents,  U.S. history,  national politics,  presidential campaigns,  political campaign advertising,  women in politics.
  • Gorski, David Assistant Professor of Surgery
  • Gothe, Neha P. Assistant Professor
  • Gothe, Neha Assistant Professor
    College of Education
  • Hall, Noah Associate Professor of Law
    Wayne Law
    environmental law,  environment.
  • Hammer, Peter Director of the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights; Professor of Law
    Wayne Law
  • Han, Xiaovan Interim Chair and Professor
    Computer Engineering
    computer science.
  • Hassan, Sonia Associate Dean
    Perinatal Research
    health disparities.
  • Henein, Naeim Distinguished Professor
    Mechanical Engineering
    automotive engines,  mechanical engineering.
  • Henning, Peter Professor of Law
    Wayne Law
  • Herron, Jerry Dean, Irvin D. Reid Honors College
    Reid Honors College
  • Horner, Jeff Lecturer
    Urban Studies & Planning
  • Hua, Jing Professor
    Computer science
    autonomous cars,  computer science.
  • Huang, Yinlun Professor
    Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
    Sustainable engineering,  manufacturing.