Featured Experts

  • Gidlow, Liette Associate professor
    Department of History
    Politics,  History.
  • Gorski, David Assistant Professor of Surgery
    Health & Technology.
  • Hall, Noah Associate Professor of Law
    Wayne Law
    Law,  Environment.
  • Hammer, Peter Director of the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights; Professor of Law
    Wayne Law
    Law,  Civil rights.
  • Hassan, Sonia Associate Dean for Maternal, Perinatal nd Child Health and Director of the of the Center for Advanced Obstetrical Cae and Researh in the Perinatology Research Branch
    Perinatal Research
    Health disparities.
  • Henein, Naeim Distinguished Professor
    Mechanical Engineering
    Automotive,  Engineering.
  • Henning, Peter Professor of Law
    Wayne Law
  • Herron, Jerry Dean, Irvin D. Reid Honors College, Professor of English
    Reid Honors College
    Urban Studies,  Literature,  Culture.
  • Horner, Jeff Lecturer
    Urban Studies & Planning
    Urban Studies.
  • Hua, Jing Professor
    Computer science
    Automotive,  Computer Science.
  • Huang, Yinlun Professor
    Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
  • Jakes, Kelly Assistant Professor
    Music,  Communication.
  • Jameel, Chavon Assistant Professor
    College of Education
  • Kahn, Steven Professor, Director, WSU Center for Excellence and Equity in Mathematics
    Education,  Mathematics.
  • Kalman, Lauren Assistant Professor
    Art and Art History