Featured Experts

  • Cinabro, David Professor & Chair
  • Commissaris, Randall Associate Professor
    Pharmaceutical Sciences
    automotive safety .
  • Cook, Blanche Assistant Professor of Law
    Wayne State University Law School
    racial and gender discrimination ,  criminal law,  criminal procedure,  gender discrimination,  sex trafficking .
  • Corvino, John Chair
  • Crawford-McKinney, Kathleen Assistant Dean of Teacher Education
    College of Education
  • Datta, Sudip Chair, Department of Finance
    Mike Ilitch School of Business
  • Datta, Tapan Professor
    Civil and Environmental Engineering
    traffic engineering,  highway safety,  Transportation engineering.
  • Draghici, Sorin Associate Dean for Innovation and Entrpreneurship
    Computer Science
    computer science.
  • Duchan, Joshua Assistant Professor
    Fine and Performing Arts
  • Durand, Helen Assistant Professor
    Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
    process control.
  • Feen, Holly Associate Professor, Coordinator of Art Therapy
    Art Therapy
    Art Therapy .
  • Fino, Susan Professor
    Political Science
    American politics.
  • Forsythe, Robert Dean, Mike Ilitch School of Business
  • Fox, Gregory Director of the Program for International Legal Studies; Professor of Law
    Wayne Law
    international law.
  • Gable, Lance Associate Dean
    Wayne Law