Featured Experts

  • Winter, Steven L. Walter S. Gibbs Professor of Constitutional Law
    Wayne Law
  • Wu, Hwai-Chung Associate professor
    Civil and Environmental Engineering
    civil engineering,  materials science.
  • Wu, Sean University Distinguished Professor
    Mechanical Engineering
    automotive engines,  mechanical engineering.
  • Wu, Xin Associate professor
    Mechanical Engineering
    materials science,  mechanical engineering.
  • Yang, King Professor
    Biomedical Engineering
    biomechanics,  automotive safety ,  biomedical engineering,  vehicle crash worthiness,  brain injury biomechanics,  injury biomechanics.
  • Yaprak, Ece Professor
    Engineering Technology
    computer networking.
  • Yeh, Chih-Ping Division Chair and Professor, Engineering Technology, Electric-drive Vehicle Engineering
    Engineering Technology
    electric vehicle engineering.
  • Ying, Hao Professor and Undergraduate Program Director
    Electrical and Computer Engineering
    electrical engineering,  computer networking.
  • Young, Kelly Associate Professor and Director of Forensics
    Department of Communication
  • Zacks, Eric Assistant professor
    Wayne Law
    mergers and acquisitions .
  • Zhang, Hongwei Associate professor
    Computer Science
    electrical engineering,  computer networking,  computer science.
  • Zhang, Jinsheng Professor
  • Zhao, Yang Professor
    Electrical and computer engineering
    electrical engineering,  computer networking,  computer science.