Zhifeng Kou

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Radiology College of Engineering
Phone: 313-966-2652


Dr. Kou is a translational neuroscientist, biomedical engineer and also an imager.�He focuses on the use of advanced imaging technologies to provide solutions for clinical problems. Particularly, he is specialized in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of traumatic brain injury and clinical neuroscience in general. Along with other imaging modalities, he investigates the cerebral hemodynamic, metabolic and connectomic changes of the brain after head injury. By teaming up with emergency physicians, neurologists, neurointensivists, neurosurgeons and neuropsychologists, Dr. Kou's team is working on the forefront of brain injury clinical research and neuroscience investigations in a highly translational manner.�


Ph.D., North Dakota State University

Courses Taught

 BME5040 Engineering Analysis; BME6480 Biomedical Instrumentation.

Research Interests

Neuroimaging of traumatic brain injury, biomedical signal processing (MR pulse sequence design), biomedical image processing,  and neuroscience.

Awards and Honors

2012, Seed Grant, International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

2011, Charles Haynes Fellowship award, North America Brain Injury Society (NABIS), for promising young professionals that best promote the mission of the society for brain injury research.


May 17, 2012
Zhifeng Kou,  assistant professor of biomedical engineering and radiology, was awarded a seed grant from the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) for his proposed work on mild traumatic brain injury. He received the award at ISMRM's 20th Annual Meeting & Exhibition held in Melbourne, Australia, May 5-11. ISMRM is a 6,000 member, pre-eminent organization in the field of MRI. Its members include MRI physicists, engineers, biochemists, computer scientists, clinicians and basic scientists in biomedicine.

According to Kou, the award is a great honor and recognition of Wayne State's traumatic brain injury research program supported by the Office of the Vice President for Research. "I would like to thank the strong support from the whole MRI center led by Dr. E. Mark Haacke," Kou said. "Many students, postdocs, research scientists and staff working behind the scene in MRI center to help our TBI program. We are also fortunate to have very strong collaborators from the emergency medicine led by Drs. Robert Welch and Brian O'Neil. In the early days, Drs. Scott Millis from Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Randall Benson from Neurology helped us set up the stage. Dr. John Woodard's team from Psychology helped patients' testing. Our radiologists Drs. Karl Kish and Conor Zuk helped review clinical images. I also sincerely appreciate the strong support from our two departments, Biomedical Engineering, led by Dr. Albert King, and Radiology, led by Dr. Wilbur Smith. Finally, I would also like to thank our Dean, Dr. Fashad Fotouhi, of the College of Engineering for his enthusiastic support. Again, this grant helps our ongoing research program, and this honor goes to our team."