George Galster

Distinguished Professor Urban Studies & Planning
Phone: 313-577-2701


Urban Neighborhoods and Housing Markets
Economic and Ethnic Segregation
Affordable Housing Policy

Research Grants

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development/ National Institutes of Health
U.S. Geological Survey
Annie E. Casey Foundation
Ford Foundation
Kellogg Foundation
MacArthur Foundation
Skillman Foundation

Selected Publications 

Galster, George. (forthcoming) "Elementary School Difficulties of Low-Income, Latino and African American Youth: The Role of Geographic Context." Journal of Urban Affairs, with Appendices.
Galster, George. (forthcoming) “Neighborhood Social Mix:  Theory, Evidence, and Implications for Policy and Planning.”  In Naomi Carmon and Susan Fainstein, eds. Planning for / with People.
Lina Hedman and George Galster. (2013). "Neighbourhood Income Sorting and the Effects of Neighbourhood Income Mix on Income: A Holistic Empirical Exploration." Urban Studies, 50 (1): 107-127.
Galster, George. (2012). "The Mechanism(s) of Neighbourhood Effects: Theory, Evidence, and Policy Implications.” Pp. 23-56 in van Ham, Manley, Bailey, Simpson, and Maclennan, eds. Neighbourhood Effects Research: New Perspectives. Dordrecht, NL: Springer.
Pryce, Gwylim, Yu Chen, and George Galster (2011).  "The Impact of Floods on House Prices: An Imperfect Information Approach with Myopia and Amnesia."  Housing Studies, 26 (2): 259-279.
Galster, George and Tatiana Homonoff (2008).  "A New Index for Comparing the Diversity of Population Inflows and Population Stocks."
Galster, George, Roger Andersson, Sako Musterd, and Timo M. Kauppinen. (2008) “Does neighborhood income mix affect earnings of adults? New evidence from Sweden.” Journal of Urban Economics 63: 858-870.
Galster, George.  (2008) “Quantifying the Effect of Neighbourhood on Individuals: Challenges, Alternatives Approaches, and Promising Directions.”  Schmollers Jahrbuch 128: 1-42.
Galster, George, Jackie Cutsinger and Ron Malega. (2008) “The Social Costs of Concentrated Poverty: Externalities to Neighboring Hosueholds and Property Owners and the Dynamics of Decline.”  Pp. 93-113 in Nicholas. Retsinas and Eric Belsky, eds. Revisiting Rental Housing: Policies, Programs, and Priorities. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press.
Galster, George and Anna Santiago. (2008) “Low-Income Homeownership as an Asset-Building Tool: What Can We Tell Policymakers?” Pp. 60-108 in Margey A. Turner, Howard Wial, and Hal Wolman, eds. Urban and Regional Policy and Its Effects.  Washington DC: Brookings Institution Press.
Galster, George (2007).  "Neighborhood Social Mix as a Goal of Housing Policy: A Theoretical Analysis."  European Journal of Housing Policy, 7 (1): 19-43.
Galster, George (2007).  "Should Policymakers Strive for Neighborhood Social Mix? An Analysis of the Western European Evidence Base."  Housing Studies, 4: 523-546.
Galster, George and Jackie Cutsinger (2007). “Racial Settlement and Metropolitan Land Use Patterns: Does Sprawl Abet Black-White Segregation?” Urban Geography 28 (6): 516-533.
Galster, George, Jackie Cutsinger, and Up Lim (2007). "Are Neighborhoods Self-Stabilising? Exploring Endogenous Dynamics." Urban Studies 44 (1): 167-185.
Cutsinger, Jackie and George Galster. (2006) “There is No Sprawl Syndrome: A New Topology of Metropolitan Land Use Patterns.”  Urban Geography  27 (3): 228-252.
Galster, George (2006).  "Do Home Insurance Base Premium-Setting Policies Create Disparate Racial Impacts? The Case of Large Companies in Ohio."  Journal of Insurance Regulation 24 (4):  7-20.
Galster, George, Peter Tatian, and John Accordino (2006).  "Targeting Investments for Neighborhood Revitalization."  Journal of the American Planning Association, 72 (4): 457-474.
Ross, Steven and George Galster (2006).  "Fair Housing Enforcement and Changes in Discrimination between 1989 and 2000:  An Exploratory Study."  Pp 177-202 in Goering, 2006.
Galster, George, Chris Hayes, and Jennifer Johnson (2005).  "Identifying Robust, Parsimonious Neighborhood Indicators."  Journal of Planning Education and Research, 24 (3): 265-280.
Why NOT in My Back Yard? The Neighborhood Impacts of Assisted Housing (with P. Tatian, A. Santiago, K. Pettit, and R. Smith). New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University/Center for Urban Policy Research Press, 2003.
Testing for Discrimination in Home Insurance (with D. Wissoker and W. Zimmermann). Washington, DC: Urban Institute Press, 1998.
An Econometric Model of the Urban Opportunity Structure. Washington, DC: Fannie Mae Foundation, 1998.
Reality and Research: Social Science and U.S. Urban Policy Since 1960 (editor and contributor of five chapters). Washington: Urban Institute Press, 1996.
The Maze of Urban Housing Markets: Theory, Evidence and Policy (with J. Rothenberg, R. Butler, J. Pitkin). Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1991.


Urban Poverty and Racial Segregation
Neighborhood Decline and Revitalization
Housing Policy and Programs

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